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Action Bronson – Baby Blue ft. Chance The Rapper

Action Bronson - Baby Blue

Bronson spreads love, while Chance The Rapper spits that pure hate on Action’s latest Mr. Wonderful single. If you’re a Chicagoan like I am, you know what we are a city of haters, and Chance is a prime example. I mean, the man said “I hope you work on Fridays, at a Friday’s, that always gets busy on Fridays.” If that ain’t hateful, I don’t know what is. Press play below, and you can preorder Mr. Wonderful here.

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Action Bronson – Actin Crazy

Action Bronson - Actin Crazy

After the incredible Easy Rider, Action Bronson is ready to put our more material for Mr. Wonderful. The album now has an official release date March 24th, so get ready for some springtime heat.

“I feel so alive I think I shit myself, I should kiss myself / I’m staring at the man inside the mirror, the reflection shows a wolf though, goddamn I’m still cute, ho!”

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Noisey’s The People Vs. Action Bronson (video)

This video series is always priceless. Basically, Noisey gets artists to sit down, read and react to YouTube comments for their own videos. If you’ve ever glanced at the YouTube comments to any video, you know they are filled with all kinds of dumb s***. Before you watch this video, you should check out the video for Easy Rider first by clicking click here.

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