Straight Outta Compton (movie trailer)

I can’t even front; the first time I heard about this movie, I figured it would be garbage on par with that Lifetime Aaliyah “movie.” From the looks of this trailer, I was DEAD wrong, and I couldn’t be happier. In theaters August 14th, something tells me every hip hop fan will be in attendance this summer. Don’t believe me? Click play. Just don’t do it at work.

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Watch ?uestlove’s cameo on ‘Parks And Recreation’

I was DYING when I saw this last night. Whenever Donna Meagle spoke about her family in the seven seasons that the show has been running, she slyly mentions her wild and crazy brother Lavondrius. Given that this is the final season, we finally got to meet this mythical being. Enter ?uestlove. You can (and should) watch the entire episode above (including a Ginuwine cameo,) and if you’re here for the ?uest cameo alone, you can fast forward to about the 20 minute mark.

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